Siemens - North American Combustion Controls

TNT Combustion, Inc. has become the Southeastern U.S. Sales and Technical Service Representative of American Controls and Instruments (ACI) for the Siemens North American Combustion Control Products to the Boiler/Burner Service Companies in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Because our agreement with Siemens of North America and ACI, we are providing Boiler/Burner service companies with sales and technical support on Siemens Combustion products as well as sales literature, OEM Manuals and wiring diagrams (AutoCAD). Upon request, TNT Combustion will provide a Siemens Product Catalog and Price Sheets. TNT Combustion technicians are factory trained and certified to provide technical service and support for all of the Siemens Combustion Products.

Siemens Building Technologies, North American Combustion Control Products. Siemens Building Technologies offers globally approved products specifically designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs, and simplify installation. The Siemens North American Combustion products include the “LFL” Flame Safeguard Controller, the “VG” Series single and double body gas valves, the “SKP” Series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide additional functions above simply safety shut off, to include for example, flow control with constant pressure regulation, the “SQM5” Series position control motors and the “RWF” single loop temperature/pressure controller. Their latest product introduced earlier 2003 was the “LMV51” Linkageless Burner Management System.

The Siemens North American Combustion Controls “LMV51” Linkageless Burner Management System is the newest answer to the problems of linkage, including slippage and hysterisis. It provides shaft to shaft coupling to the fuel valve, oil valve, air damper and FGR, which are all connected electrically in series from the “LMV51” base. The “LMV51” allows remote diagnostics of system operation, base lining, and trend analysis and it is highly accurate in its response to changes in load demand. The “LMV51” is easy to install and setup as compared to other linkageless systems. All associated parts are made by Siemens for 100% Compatibility and are available in the U.S.

Introduced January 2004 is the Siemens North American Combustion Controls “LMV52” Linkageless Burner Management System with O2 Trim. This state of the art Control System includes all of the functions of the "LMV51" with the added features of O2 trim for even greater control and superior combustion efficiency.