Jeff Tanner

Work History:

Service Manager and Chief Technician previously worked full time for eight years as chief tech and job foreman for a boiler sales company in Central Florida. Before that, for seven years he was a shop foreman in a machine shop where one of his duties was assembling boilers and burners and wiring controls. Jeff has attended the York-Shipley Advanced Boiler School, Webster Engineering Service School, AutoFlame Advanced Service and Programming School, Preferred Instruments PCC-III Controller Service Engineer Training Course and is licensed through the Georgia Department of Labor to perform installation, maintenance and service on Class I boilers.

Schools and Certificates

Preferred Instruments: PCC-III Controller Service Engineer Training Course

AutoFlame: Advanced Commissioning Course

AutoFlame: Burner Management, Exhaust Gas Analysis and Data Acquisition and Remote Control Course

Webster Engineering: Burner Installation and Service School

Webster Engineering: HDS Burner Installation and Service School

York-Shipley (Donlee Boiler): Boiler Fundamentals, Boiler Operation and Advanced Boiler Operations Training Courses

Thermal Solutions: Factory Startup and Service School

Georgia Department of Labor: Class I Certificate


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