Florida Hospital

East Orlando, Florida

Remove, repair and replace the burner spool piece in a York-Shipley Boiler. Repaired the inside tiles as well.

Inside Tiles

Before After

Burner Spool Piece

Before After

Building the Spool Piece

1. Assemble new outer and inner rings to burner plate.
2. Install 2" Insulating Board to back plate.
3. Weld Stainless Steel stays to back plate and outer ring to hold in the refractory.
4. Install Air-Bond refractory.
5. Burner Spool Piece ready to be installed into boiler.
6. Burner Spool Piece installed into boiler.
7. Burner Spool Piece sealed to Morrison Tube tile from the inside of the boiler with Air-Bond Refractory.