About Us

Jeff and TJ have installed Webster burners on a number of different boilers, such as, Donlee (York-Shipley), Volcano, Cleaver Brooks, Johnston, Ajax, English, Hurst, Burnham, Kewanee, Superior and Universal. Many new burners required that a new burner mounting plate and or burner cone be installed, which they designed and built themselves. They have also put a number of Smith Cast Iron boilers together, built the steel carrier frames, mounted the burners, wired the controls and started them up after the installation was complete. Jeff has also worked on a number of York-Shipley boilers and Turbo II burners. They have worked with #6 oil, homogenized #6 oil, #4 oil, #2 oil, digester, natural and propane gas fired burners and Steam, hot water and thermal oil boilers. As well as Citrus dryers, Phosphate dryers, Feather dryers, carpet dryers with multiple burners and drum furnaces.

Jeff since 1994 and TJ since 1997 have been specializing in Computerized Combustion Controls retrofits to burners such as Cleaver Brooks, Todd, IC, Coen, Gordon-Piat, Power Flame, Webster and many other type burners. The Micro-Modulation of combustion control which, over time, saves the customer a great deal of money by reducing the over all fuel cost.

In 2002, Jeff and TJ attended the Preferred Instruments Controller Service Engineer Training Course which enabled TNT Combustion to service the Preferred Instruments PCC-II and PCC-III Controllers. This includes Calibrating Pressure Transmitters; Gas, Water and Steam Flow Meters; Oxygen Analyzers and Temperature Transmitters for use with the Preferred Instruments Combustion Control Systems.

In 2003, TNT Combustion became the Southeastern U.S. Sales and Technical Service Representative of American Controls and Instruments (ACI) for the Siemens North American Combustion Control Products to the Boiler/Burner Service Companies.

In 2004, TJ received formal training at the MTL Open Systems Technologies home office on the MOST Matrix platform to provide industrial automation and information technologies to process industries. This provides a process automation system, with both simplex and redundant control, for both small and large applications in the process automation market to include boiler controls.

In 2005, TNT Combustion became the Florida Sales and Service Representative for Webster Engineering & Manufacturing so that we may better serve our customers. Both TJ and Jeff attended the Webster HDS Service School where they were trained in the installation, setup and service of Webster's new HDS Burner. They were also trained in the service and commissioning of the Siemens LMV and the Honeywell Controlinks Systems.

In 2006, TNT became the Florida Sales and Service Representative for Weishaupt Burners. Weishaupt Burners are efficient, reliable, and fully automatic. Oil, gas and dual fuel burners for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Weishaupt are produced in Germany with only the best materials and only after many years of research and development. Weishaupt Burners are the industry standard found in service around the World and well known for their longevity.

In 2012, TNT became the Florida Sales and Service Representative for Columbia Boiler Company. Columbia Boilers are robust and economical and with a small footprint they can be installed in most any space limited area. Columbia Boilers are a great fit in the Micro-breweries due to their ability to meet the ever changing needs of thebrew house.

In 2015, TNT joined the National Brewers Association and the Florida Brewers Guild due to their increasing presense in Florida Brew Houses.